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Image masking is one kind of photo editing service that is used in Photoshop to remove background.  Image masking is a powerful feature of Photoshop that is used to select the objects of the image which is seemed impossible to select such as hair, clothing stands, focused outlines, chain link fences and fur photos. This is an advanced level of photo editing service.

Sometimes the image background may have obscured edges and areas of hair that should be changed. This can be achieved easily by using image masking techniques. Masking an image can help to remove certain parts of your photos while other parts of the photo are unchanged.

Asia Clipping is one of the famous Photoshop service providers. We offer you all kinds of Photoshop services at affordable prices. Asia Clipping may be the right choice as we have been serving large portrait studios, real estate agencies, real estate photographers, freelance and professional photographers for over 10 years.



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Image Masking Service Category

Layer masking:

Layer masking: Layer masking:

Layer masking is an essential part of photo editing tools, especially in image masking sectors. A layer mask can hide or expose images without deleting pixels. Without the support of a layer mask, we can't hide any part of the image. With a layer masking you can change the visibility and make any part invisible or partially visible. It's a very practical and non-destructive process of image editin...


Clipping mask:

Clipping mask: Clipping mask:

Clipping mask is used to hide and show different parts of the layer. It seems to be a layer masking but it totally different from this. In layer masking, black and white colors box are used to show and hide the parts of the layer but Clipping Mask us used to control the transparency and opacity of one layer from another sheet. Generally, Photoshop designers use two or more layers in a Clipping Mas...


Alpha channel masking:

Alpha channel masking: Alpha channel masking:

Alpha channel masking is another process or method of background removal service that saves on an alpha channel to change color, filter and other services that need to change or remove or adjust. Alpha Channel Masking is pretty similar to layer masking. When you need to mask fuzzy edges, hair, furry clothes and so on, you have to use alpha channel masking. There are three colors in Alpha channel m...


Transparent masking:

Transparent masking: Transparent masking:

Transparent masking is a technique of Photoshop to remove the background. It is especially used in transparent images like glass or similar types of objects- car glass, water bottle or a regular spectacle and so on. Generally, transparent masking is needed when Clipping Path Service is not enough to separate background from transparent images. All transparent objects have 0%-5% opacity so light ca...


Translucent object masking:

Translucent object masking: Translucent object masking:

Translucent object masking looks like transparent image masking. But it is not true. Translucent object masking is much more different and critical than transparent image masking. Transparent images generally have 0-5% opacity so light can pass easily through these object. On the other hand, translucent objects have 5-100% opacity, through that light may pass but inside are not so clear to see. It...


Fur and hair masking:

Fur and hair masking: Fur and hair masking:

Fur and hair masking is a time-consuming process and critical background removal technique. This technique generally is used on an image manipulation system such as Photoshop or Gimp. Removing fur and hair parts you have to adjust it through Photoshop tools like pen tablet tools. Pen table tools are used for soft edges. Fur and hair masking service gives a photo natural and attractive look.


Edges refine masking:

Edges refine masking: Edges refine masking:

Some images like animals, trees, furry dolls, clothes, blankets etc have flattened edges. These kinds of blurred borders destroy the image and landscape of others. We often photos-hoot with friends or family or groups and we want to remove the background by adding a new attractive one. In that case, the edges of the hair and the clothes make it difficult to edit the image. So we use the Magic Wand...


Color masking:

Color masking: Color masking:

Color Masking or Color Range Masking is one kind of Photoshop service. Color Masking is generally used to edit random colors and to show different colors, styles in images using the Color Range tool. When we use Color Range Tools, we find lots of options to choose different colors like yellow, red, blue, pink, green and more. To avoid the hollow line, Color Masking cut an image just across the edg...


Image Masking Service is required for



If the subject matter of the images is hair, fur, obscure details, or blurry edges when the clipping path is completely impossible to bring out a result, masking is required to remove the background from these images. Image Masking is an advanced level of Photoshop service. Masking help photographers to remove unwanted object from the image and isolated the image object. It also helps to achieve uniformity and consistency of photos with other photos of your profile and website.

Clipping path is used to remove the background from the original background of an image. Similarly, image masking method is used to exclude the background and leave the image in a different background. Although this technique of background removal appears to be similar, image masking is of greater importance, especially for hair or fur in model images. When a model is photographed on a gray background and this model ad publisher requires only the model placed on different backgrounds instead of the gray background, image masking is necessary because only the image masking method can give 100% perfect results to differentiate the background. We know that the clipping path is also used for removing background, but this removal method is not enough to take every hair, fur, wool, sheep etc. The technique of Photoshop masking is only and one good process for obtaining hair, fur details. That's why image masking is one of the most important image editing services we provide.


Masking For Commercial Purpose


Image Masking Service is very effective and popular like other Photoshop services for commercial or business purposes such as billboards, brochures, magazines, catalogs, leaflets and online websites. Even photographers, fashion and catalog designers and e-commerce sellers need image masking services as well for the best results. A professional photographer cannot shoot every photo perfectly or accurately. Annoying elements can hinder image quality.

If you are an e-commerce owner or agency, you must need image masking service to present your product more crisp, clear and visually appealing to the seller. If you have a blurry product image, you definitely need an image masking service. If your products are not clean or eye-catching, nobody will buy your products. So Image Masking Service plays a vital role in commercial purposes. Besides all Photoshop Services, Image Masking also uses by online shop, Amazon, Alliexpress, realtors, real estate companies, photo studios, product catalog and so on.

Asia Clipping is very committed to providing the best quality image masking services with fast turnaround time and fast deadlines. Our Photoshop designers have years of experience and very sincere about their works. We have been serving many companies since 2015. We provide all types of image multi-masking services to e-commerce companies, magazines and newspaper publishers, photographers, graphic design companies, catalogs and fashion design agencies. We have over 100 skilled and experienced professional Photoshop designers. We must ensure 100% client satisfaction.    

Image masking at Asia Clipping


We carefully analyze each image before using a Photoshop technique to decide, what kind of tools we should use. We do it by hand. While it is exhausting, it ensures high quality and realistic images. The image masking works the same as the clipping path, but it is used to remove hair, fur, and blurred objects from the existing background. The main purpose of applying the mask is to keep the hair and alluring areas intact in order to separate the hair from the existing background. At the same time, the concern should be that a silly part of the existing background is not seen across it.

Image masking is one of the best-executed Photoshop techniques. This sophisticated Photoshop process is implemented using the background eraser tool. Asia Clipping expert designers assure you that you are in the right place to get this service. Nowadays, image masking is the most wanted Photoshop service. The world is now moving into visual media and online shops. Even online news portals and magazine publishers need image editing services.

For example, a photo of model should be cut off from the unwanted background for using on the magazine's cover page with a natural background. Now the photo of model has to be isolated from the background. In that case, masking is the best solution along clipping path. Clipping works in tight areas. But for stray hair, nothing can be the best weapon other than masking to relieve the problem. Only after that, is it appropriate to set a model image in any magazine coverage. The professional designers of Asia Clipping provide such the best service with their skills, labor and talents. So feel free and contact us.